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Trend Watch: Man Caves, the top 10 ultimate guy hangouts


It used to be that if the man of the house wanted a private place to potter about, he had to seek solace outside the home, in the garden shed or workshop.

This social phenomenon was first celebrated in New Zealand back in 1998 by the book Blokes in Sheds. But in the US, they’ve now taken the concept to a whole new level – with Man Caves.

Here are the Top 10 examples of how men all over the United States are transforming their basements, attics, sheds and garages into private refuges which reflect their personalities, tastes and interests.

#10: The Rock Star Man Cave


Rustic log cabin country style man cave

#9: The Rustic but Refined Man Cave


Coca Cola taste that refreshes man cave

#8: The Refreshingly Different Man Cave


Far Out Man Cave Silver

#7: The Far Out Man Cave


#6: The Fit for a King Outdoor Man Cave


Entertainment Plus Man Cave

#5: The Entertainment Plus Man Cave


The Golf Nut Man Cave

#4: The Golf Nut Man Cave


Sophisticates Man Cave

#3: The Sophisticate's Man Cave


Pool Hall Man Cave

#2: The Pool Hall Man Cave


Ski Lodge Man Cave

#1: The Ski Lodge Man Cave (we gave it top rating because of the time of year and recent snow falls)


Would you like help turning your garage, basement, shed or attic into a Man Cave of your very own? Then look no further than your local Fix It Renovations operator who is itching to share his ideas with you!   





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