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6 ways to make your yard private


In these days of infill housing and shrinking property sizes, privacy is more and more at a premium. We look at ideas for shielding your yard from outside eyes and creating your own oasis of peace and seclusion this summer.  

Here are 6 ways to improve your privacy:

1. Fences

The beauty of fences is that they add a sense of privacy whether they’re solid (timber, tongue and groove, etc) or can be seen through – as with this steel fence which secures this back yard without obscuring the view.




2. Walls

Solid walls create a greater sense of privacy than any other type of screening device, but they can make your yard seem like the exercise yard at Mt Eden Prison. The solution? Lighten up the wall with painted art or a mosaic, soften it with plants such as creepers, or use gates and “windows”. 





3. Evergreen Hedges

Densely planted evergreens, especially conifers, create a living screen that never needs painting or staining, but does need regular trimming.






4. Mixed Screen Plantings

A mix of evergreens and deciduous trees provides you with an effective screen throughout the year but allows light to penetrate during the winter. 





5. Trellis

Trellis can be used in a wide variety of ways, enabling plants to grow up through the slats, for example, or forming an enclosure to hide rubbish or compost bins.

For more ideas on making your yard private, contact your local Fix It Renovations owner here.




6. Vertical Gardens

When you have limited horizontal space – that is, the surface area of your yard – one way to gain more space is to go up and create landscaping effects at different levels with freestanding or hanging pots, planted trellises and even gardens in and on walls and fences.






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